Editor Guidelines

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator_pr style=”gap”][vc_column_text]Editor Responsibilities: 

  1. An editor should give unbiased decision without any regard to race, gender, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy of the author(s), to all manuscripts offered for publication in Journal of PeerScientist.
  2. An editor should process manuscripts in a timely manner.
  3. An editor is solely responsible for ensuring the content of Journal of PeerScientist is accurate, credible, authoritative, and relevant to the Journal’s scope and mission.
  4. An editor should and must maintain the academic quality of the Journal to ensure that it reflects the interests and objectives of the Journal of PeerScientist.
  5. The Editor should not disclose the confidential information; unless and until it is authorized by the source of that information, or if there are allegations of misconduct that require access to that confidential information, or if the Editor is ordered/required by law to disclose that information.
  6. If an author comes up with convincing evidence in the article submitted, with an error/ problem for the substance or the material used, then the editor should facilitate publication of an appropriate paper pointing out the error and, if possible, correcting it.
  7. The editor is responsible and should take the authority to accept or reject a submitted paper. The editor may discuss with Editor in Chief/reviewers to evaluate, that helps in making the final decision for a manuscript.
  8. The editor/ the editorial staff should not disclose any information regarding a manuscript (which is under consideration) to anyone other than potential reviewers. An editor should respect the intellectual independence of authors.
  9. The editor should not use/disclose any unpublished work/ arguments/ interpretations of a submitted manuscript for his/her own work, but with consent from the author.
  10. Need to encourage his/her colleagues/students to submit their work.
  11. Should maintain continuous contact with the Editor-in-Chief to ensure the ongoing development of the journal: Members of the Board may also take responsibility for key activities linked to the journal. All Editorial Board members must obey the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.

Unique Benefits for Editorial Board Members

  1. Special Discounts on any research products purchased from Peerscientist Shopping Portal
  2. Consultation Portal.
  3. News from your lab/s will be posted freely in PeerScientist  News Portal.
  4. Job postings from your lab/s like PhD, PostDoc’s , Research Associates, Research Assistants will be posted freely posted in the PeerScientist  Jobs Portal.
  5. Special marketing packages, for conferences organized by your Department/lab.
  6. Featured member in the PeerScientist Networking Portal.
  7. Free event postings, but for marketing special packages will be availed.
  8. Special discounts/packages on hotels and travels booked via PeerScientist Travel Portal.
  9. Special discounts in Events  organized by PeerScientist in future.