I have a quick question for you, how many of your published articles got news coverage?!
In most of the cases it is none right! It’s because most of the publishers are just focusing on publishing your article but very few are concentrating on how to get your research into lime light.
At Journal of PeerScientist we believe just publishing a pdf and html copy online itself is not enough in this abundance of information era to fill the core point of publication which is to communicate your point to the relevant scientific community.
Below are few of our current efforts to bring each of our published articles into limelight, especially to the relevant scientific community of your research.
*  News coverage (in some cases interviews) on the published article. In the news coverage we would like you to tell the scientific    community “the behind story” of research article which is not covered as part of the published paper.
*  Dedicated search engine optimization for your published article to get maximum possibility for your article when someone searches  online with relevant keyword. Strategic email, newsletter, social media marketing are part of this effort.
*  Linking your published article reference with relevant products from our Shopping portal so that when someone searches for a research  product, your research article will also have a chance to get noticed.
*  Listing theme relevant research articles under our Events portal, so that when someone searches for a topic relevant conference /  workshop, your research article will also have a chance to get noticed.
*  Listing your published article reference under relevant job positing in our Jobs portal, so that when someone searches for a relevant  research job (let’s say a postdoc / faculty position), your research article will also have a chance to get noticed.
So, don’t you want to give your research maximum reachability to the relevant scientific community?!


Journal of PeerScientist is a highly inter-disciplinary journal where we don’t discriminate science based on subjects, topics, sub-topics etc., to publish as a support towards inter-disciplinary research for better societal outcomes. Click on below links for further details:

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All manuscripts are submitted electronically visiting the Submit manuscript page . Firstly you have to register, and then login to submit the manuscript which is explained by a step-by-step guidance in Submit Manuscript page. Before submitting please go through the Author Guidelines to format the article accordingly.
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Last Date of Submission of the manuscripts is September 30, 2017.