Reviewer Guidelines

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  1. The reviewer should avoid personal comments or criticism for an article submitted.
  2. A reviewer should maintain the confidentiality of the review process by not disclosing information of the reviewed paper without permission from the editorial office.
  3. A reviewer should determine originality, credit, and scope of the work and also need to suggest a number of ways to improve it so that it highlights the quality of the article.
  4. A reviewer should give his/her comments in an unbiased manner following the ethical rules.
  5. A reviewer should take a concern from the editor before rejecting/accepting an article.
  6. A reviewer should ensure that published articles meet Journal of PeerScientiststandards.
  7. A peer reviewer should protect readers from incorrect or flawed research or studies that cannot be validated by others.
  1. A reviewer should not use/disclose any unpublished work/ arguments/ interpretations of a submitted manuscript for his/her own work, but with consent from the author.
  2. Reviewers should agree to review the manuscript if and only if they have expertise in the subject area.
  3. Reviewers should openly declare any potential conflict of interests and take assistance from the Editor regarding any uncertain conflicts.
  4. Reviewers should declare and disagree to review the manuscript if they are involved in the submitted work in any manner.
  5. Reviewers should notify the Editor if the manuscript has been already reviewed by them before in other journal and seek guidance whether to carry further or not.
  6. Reviewers should immediately notify the Editor if they found any partial or whole information in the manuscript is plagiarized or infringed.
  7. Reviewers should not attempt to contact the authors before the article gets published without the permission of the Editor.