Department of Aerospace Engineering

The Aerospace Department, IIT Bombay seeks to establish traditions which will foster creativity and growth of excellence

Prof. David Nussbaum

David Nussbaum is a social psychologist who focuses on how people respond to threats to their self-image, how this affects their beliefs and behavior, and how s

Prof. Avijit Chatterjee

Publications: A multilevel numerical approach with application in time-domain electromagnetics, Communications in Computational Physics, (2015).

Prof. J.C. Mandal

R&D Areas/Projects: SPONSORED RESEARCH PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN AS PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: * Computations of Flows Through . . Compressor Cascades

Prof. V. Menezes

Publications: 1. N. Battula, V. Menezes and H. Hosseini, A miniature shock wave driven micro- jet injector for needle-free vaccine/drug delivery. Biotechnol

Prof. Vineeth Nair

Publications: Journals Venkatramani, J., Nair, V., Sujith R. I., Gupta, S., and Sarkar, S. "Multi-fractality in aeroelastic response as a precur

Prof. R. K. Pant

Publications: Pant, R. S., Design-Build-Fly Projects of Lighter-Than-Air Systems for Enhanced Learning of Aircraft Design Principles, Proceedings of First S

Prof. Prabhu Ramachandran

Publications: Journal papers Prabhu Ramachandran and Kunal Puri, "Entropically Damped Artificial Compressibility for SPH", under review.

Prof. S. D. Sharma

Publications: International Journals: Gai, S.L. and Sharma, S.D. “Experiments on the Reduction of Base Drag of BluntTrailing Edge Aerofoil

Prof. Aniruddha Sinha

Publications: A. Sinha, K. Gudmundsson, H. Xia and T. Colonius, Parabolized stability analysis of jets from serrated nozzles, Journal of Fluid Mechanics