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Special issue call for papers: Ongoing Research and Translational Medicine of Chronic Diseases

[/vc_column_text][vc_separator_pr top_margin=”page_margin_top”][vc_empty_space height=”20px”][vc_column_text]The weight of chronic diseases is quickly rising globally. This burden of Non-Communicable Diseases is presumed to progress to 57% in 2020. More than half of the deaths from chronic diseases are extractable from heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer, COPD, CKD and mental health. Multiple chronic disease conditions are displaying disturbing trends, not only because they previously influence a large percentage of the population, but also because they have begun to emerge earlier in life. Chronic diseases are mostly escapable disorders. The presently available experimental proof gives enough clear and believable basis to verify taking action now.
It is necessary to look ahead at what next trends will be hot- and what will not? Looking into future The Journal of Peer Scientist pondering which research trends and innovations are a wait to create noise. In this particular interest, we invite experts to share their discoveries and innovations to further the current understanding in the field of “Ongoing Research and Translation Medicine of Chronic Diseases,” a novel issues just for you and your research thoughts.
We covered all the formats for your needs, such as research article,  reviews articles, mini-reviews, case reports, perspectives, communications, letter to the editor, opinion, and analyses are requested for this issue.
In this regards, we hereby invite you to submit your next manuscript related to this thematic special issue to publish in Journal of PeerScientist and take full advantage of:

The main inclusive will be any papers which broadly comes under Ongoing Research and Translational Medicine of Chronic Diseases. Please take note of the following requirements if you wish to have your paper considered for this Special Issue:

  • Articles must report novel findings which are of advancement to the existing knowledge.
  • The content of the paper must conform to the general publication terms of Journal of PeerScientist
  • All papers submitted will be subject to the normal double blind refereeing process undertaken by the journal
  • Submitted papers must not be under review by any other journal
  • Articles must be analytic and rigorous, not merely descriptive.

Please submit your papers direct via the journal’s web site at http://journal.peerscientist.com/ . Please indicate on the submission menu that your paper is for the ” Ongoing Research and Translational Medicine of Chronic Diseases ” special issue. Full author guidelines and instructions on how to submit can be found at:http://journal.peerscientist.com/[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]