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Articles in Journal of PeerScientist that have been accepted for publication but not published officially (not assigned volume or issue or page information etc.,) are eligible to withdraw without any restrictions on mutual consent. Journal of PeerScientist can withdraw an article if it contains any plagiarized content / errors/ copyright infringement / multiple submission / fake claims of authorship / fraudulent use of data or like that violates publication ethics of Journal of PeerScientist in the view of editors. If the authors wants to withdraw the paper after publication, including assigning volume, issue, page numbers, doi etc., in this case authors will be liable to pay USD2000 as a withdrawal penalty. However, if authors wants to withdraw the paper even just before publishing online (including assigning volume, issue, page numbers, doi etc.,) that can be done without any charges on mutual consent. In either of above case, if the article is  WITHDRAWN (which means removing the content from the HTML and PDF) then the HTML page content will be replaced with a statement that the article is withdrawn from Journal of PeerScientist based on its WITHDRAWAL Policy, which redirects to the Publication Ethics Page- where the Withdrawal policy is mentioned) from Journal of PeerScientist.

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