Journal of PeerScientist

Journal of PeerScientist (eISSN 2581-7221) strives to provide all the latest information about the cutting edge of scientific advancements that might help you make better decisions in your ongoing research that could potentially lead to innovative discoveries in the scientific field.

Journal of PeerScientist Impact factor for the year 2020 is 3.06.

Aims & Scope

Journal of PeerScientist is an Open Access bi-annual International peer-reviewed journal publishing research in all fields of science on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, elegance and different conclusions.

At PeerScientist we are on a mission to develop a reliable platform, to provide unrestricted access to scientific literature for rapid dissemination of recent updates in various disciplines of science and technology. Readers can have access with no cost in Journal of PeerScientist and also avails the facility to enrich their scientific understanding in the relevant topics.

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